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Course Fees

Course Fee 2020 Start Dates
EAP AUD$3,700 for 10 weeks, (AUD$370 per week) 17 February, 27 April, 6 July, 14 September and 23 November
Foundation Program AUD$20,000 March and July
Diploma of Engineering AUD$29,200 March and July
Diploma of Health (Nursing Pathway) AUD$28,200 October
Diploma of Science AUD$29,200 March and July
Diploma of Technology AUD$24,000 March and July



To assist international students with expenses during their studies with JCU, a partial scholarship may be offered based on exceptional academic merit.

JCU International Student Merit Stipend

This stipend supports student excellence by providing monthly payments of AU$700 to assist with expenses throughout the duration of study at JCU, provided recipients continue to maintain a strong GPA each semester. This Scholarship is applicable to students from South and SE Asia, Africa, PNG and the Middle East.

JCU International Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship provides 25% tuition fee reduction through the entire duration of approved full degree study programs, provided recipients continue to maintain a strong GPA each semester. This Scholarship is applicable to students from the US, Canada, Latin America, the UK and Europe.

GPA requirements

Course Requirements
Undergraduate courses
  • International Excellence Scholarship/ International Merit Stipend: 75% or equivalent.
Postgraduate courses except Master of Science/ Master of Science (Professional)
  • International Excellence Scholarship: GPA 5.0/7.0 or equivalent (approx. 70%)
  • International Merit Stipend: GPA 5.2/7.0 or equivalent (approx. 75% or equivalent)
Master of Science/Master of Science (Professional)
  • International Excellence Scholarship/ International Merit Stipend: GPA 6.0/7.0 or equivalent (approx. 85%)

How to apply?

You do not need to fill in a form or apply separately for the above scholarships. At the time of submitting your application, JCU admissions will assess your academic history and at the time of issuing an offer letter they will notify you if you have qualified.

Important notes

  • Recipient must be able to provide evidence of past academic excellence and must continue to show this throughout their studies with JCU.
  • Applicants can only be assessed on their most recently completed qualification and the qualification must be complete.
  • The only qualifications considered are secondary and tertiary qualifications (Diploma level or higher). Certificate level study and Foundation study are excluded.
  • Students who require an EAP package to meet English proficiency may be awarded a scholarship for the principal (full degree) course only.
  • Recipient must be an international student.

Please note that the Scholarship is NOT applicable for the following:

  • Australia Awards students, SACM students and any other government sponsorships/scholarships covers full tuition fees including Endeavour
  • External mode offers
  • Master of Engineering (Professional)
  • Top 4 courses -Bachelor of Medicine- Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Veterinary Science, and Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • All pathway courses (EAP, Diploma, Foundation, Diploma of Higher Education)
  • All Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma courses
  • End On Bachelor Honours year
  • Offers with a duration less than 1.5 years
  • Continuing students at JCU (ie. Foundation, Diploma, Diploma of HE packaged students are not eligible for the scholarship for their Bachelors)


This scholarship has been introduced to promote JCU College’s new Diplomas in Science, Technology and Engineering offered in Townsville in 2020.

JCU College Pathways Scholarship

This scholarship supports students who successfully enrol into the Diploma of Science, Diploma of technology and Diploma of Engineering based in Townsville in 2020. A 25% reduction in tuition fees will be awarded to students in these courses who pass all subjects in their first year.

Who can apply?

All applicants for the Diploma of Science, Diploma of Technology and Diploma of Engineering are eligible for the scholarship.

Minimum entry requirements for these diplomas are:


Successful completion of Year 12 or equivalent. Contact our admissions team for country specific entry requirements.


JCU College English for Academic Purposes Level 2 or IELTS 5.5 (no band less than 5.0) or equivalent.

How to apply?

You do not need to fill in a form or apply separately for this scholarship. The scholarship offer will be sent to you with your course offer letter. Simply accept your course offer and you will also be accepting the scholarship.

Important notes

  • The scholarship is available for JCU College Diplomas only and is not transferable to any other course at JCU. The scholarship applies only to 8 units of study within the course. Subject to the terms and conditions attached.
  • The scholarship applies to the first attempt of each subject, up to a maximum of 8 subjects (24 credit points). No scholarship will attach to any second or subsequent attempts at any subject in the diploma program
  • The scholarship does not apply to JCU College’s English for Academic Purposes subject or courses delivered as ELICOS.